Bacteria Busters of West Virginia

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Disinfection in Action

We pride ourselves on satisfaction of our customers and a job well done. Not sure if our services will work for you? Check out the videos below to see the ins & outs of our process. Call us Today!

Woody's Bowling Center

Watch as Bacteria Busters Pro disinfect a local bowling alley in Buckhannon, WV. Call us Today!

Ultimate Image Salon

Watch Bacteria Busters Pro disinfect this small salon, Bacteria Busters Pro was made for a business just like this! Call us Today!

Gum Removal

Chewing gum removal is a Bacteria Busters Pro specialty, watch the efficiency of our chewing gum removal system! Call us Today!

Hot Steam Disinfection & Cleaning

Not only does our Hot Steam Surface Cleaner disinfect, it also removes stuck on dirt, grime, and dead bacteria. Bacteria Busters Pro is ready at a moments notice to serve your property needs!