Bacteria Busters of West Virginia

Interior RESIDENTIAL & Commercial

Dry Mist Disinfection

As a business, we know how important it is to build a trusting and secure relationship with your customers. By providing a healthy and clean environment, free from the fears of infection, your business can operate seamlessly and confidently. Bacteria Busters Proreadily serves all businesses including restaurants, daycares, assisted-living facilities, religious facilities, salons, fitness centers and more!


Your home should be a safe haven for you and your family. It is our job to ensure that no matter what plagues the outside world, you can come home to a safer, cleaner environment. Our interior dry mist foggers, partnered with EPA-approved solutions, provide a quick and thorough way to disinfect ALL surfaces of your home in minutes.

Commercial & Home Kitchens

Whether you run a restaurant, hotel or corporate cafeteria, cleanliness is key. While kitchen countertops and flat surfaces are a hotbed for bacterial growth, the personal handling of food can be a fast track to bacterial transmission if disinfection is not regularly addressed. We have molded our process to not only provide the best in kitchen disinfection but to also include the use of non-toxic solutions to keep your customers and employees both safe and happy.

Recreational Business

With increased person-to-person contact and the shared use of equipment and supplies, recreational facilities can be a breeding ground for disease transmission. Disinfecting equipment, meeting areas, and other supplies can mean hours of work for business owners. Our advanced technology can turn hours into minutes, helping you focus more time on your business and customers.

Religious Facilities

The onset of COVID-19 quickly resulted in heavy restrictions for large group gatherings, such as those seen in places of worship. As people begin to slowly file back into church pews, regularly disinfecting every surface is the only way protect them from the bacteria living inside your facility.

Salon & Cosmetic

As salons reopen throughout the state, the wellbeing of customers is a top priority. From the waiting area to the salon chair, we want to help you ensure that your client experience involves a safe, disinfected environment. Our services ensure you can run your business and use your equipment confidently.

Sports Equipment & Facilities

Every Sports League comes with Sports Equipment & Facilities, and by default are handled by staff and players a like, resulting in an increased chance of bacteria and virus exchange. Bacteria Busters Prodisinfection applications minimize infectious transmitions that come standard with the sports world.

Gyms & Fitness Centers

Gyms & Fitness Centers are at a higher risk than all business categories, virus transmission through bodily fluids is the number one way a virus travels from person to person. Bacteria Busters Pro services insure that virus, bacteria, and other pathogens lose their way in finding a new host for infection.