Bacteria Busters of West Virginia

Setting A New Standard For Clean!

West Virginia's premier coronavirus
disinfection & cleaning service

Centered on professionalism and backed by science, Bacteria Busters of West Virginia is the states premier provider both interior and exterior disinfection for your home, business, and more. Our services are cultivated to meet YOUR needs while providing the peace of mind that comes with a cleaner, healthier environment

Interior Dry Mist Fog

Interior dry mist fogging comprises Bacteria Busters' cornerstone service. By producing a droplet so small that there's no residue, our foggers allow us to easily disinfect ALL indoor surfaces, removing the threat of infection and bacterial growth. The best part? There's no residue, no wiping, and no need to worry.

Exterior Services

At Bacteria Busters of West Virginia, we take the outside of your structure just as seriously as the inside. With the use of hot steam sanitation, all outdoor surfaces can receive the same attention and detail during the disinfecting process.


Our hospital-grade disinfectants kill 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses(covid19), and more.
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Viruses are submicroscopic agents that replicate only in living cells, causing disease and illness in humans.

clean & disinfect

Cleaning can remove germs from a surface. Disinfecting goes further into the issue by killing germs and bacteria on the surface. 

Service Area

Founded in North Central West Virginia, Bacteria Busters is committed to serving the local area, including all 55 counties of our state.

Bacteria Busters of West Virginia Service Map