Bacteria Busters of West Virginia

Exterior RESIDENTIAL & Commercial

Hot Steam Cleaning & Disinfection

At Bacteria Busters Pro, we take the outside of your structure just as seriously as the inside. With the use of hot steam disinfection, all outdoor surfaces can receive the same attention and detail during the disinfecting process.

Side Walks & Parking Lots

In minutes, we can reduce the years of residue build-up. Just like fogging your entryway, applying hot steam to all your concrete surfaces can help reduce particle transmission and ultimately, provide a safer gateway to your business.

Heavy Equipment

After A demanding and dirty job, leave the clean up of your heavy equipment to us. Our High Pressure Hot Steam Spray Jets can blast of stubborn mud, grit, & grime, even from years of build up. Try us today and your equipment will look like new!

Hot Steam High Cleaning

Our Hot Steam High Cleaning Spray Jet puts any height at ground level, eliminating the need for lift rentals or dangerous ladders. From gas station canopies to drive through shelters nothing escapes our Hot Steam High Jet clean.

Grime Build Up Removal

Overtime anything left outside in the elements will build up dirt and grime that is almost impossible to remove. Bacteria Busters has the right tool for grime buildup, our Hot Steam High Pressure Spray Jet is top of the line, making your outdoor items look like new again

Gum Removal

Chewing gum is the blite on any parking lots clean appearance, not to mention the bacteria living on chewing gum. Chewing Gum is sometimes not so easy to identify. Bacteria Busters Pro is trained to identify old stuck on chewing gum and zero in on its removal, with the most powerful spray jet in the industry gum has no chance of staying